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Coalition and RYH Team Pictures

CLiX Team Photography Information and Schedules

Updated Schedule (as of 10/15/17)

All Coalition and Rochester Youth Teams will have individual player and team pictures taken by Clix Event Photography over the next couple of weeks.  Start date is Tue Oct 10.

Coaches and Managers were emailed details and given order forms which you will receive prior to your picture date.  In the event you forget to send your child with a form or payment, all players will be photographed and you may still purchase pictures after the date by contacting Clix Customer Service at 585-338-2521.

Families may prepay online by going to:  

www.clixrochesterprepay.com                Enter Code:  Sports_sh    (note: this code is case sensitive)


Individual Pictures will be taken Off Ice.  Team Pictures will be taken On Ice. 

All orders will be mailed directly to the players homes to avoid delay in delivery.


Parents please note the schedule below and have your child dressed and ready in the lower lobby no later than the listed picture time.  They will be in a Party Room. Thank you.

Picture Date Picture Time Team Ice Time Rink for Team Photo Logo
Tue 10/10/17 5:15 PW Maj AAA McGrath-  5:30 BGIP 1 Coalition
Tue 10/10/17 6:00 Bantam Minor AA Bolton 6:30 BGIP 1 Coalition
Wed 10/11/17 6:00 Squirt Min AA Marron 6:30 BGIP 1 Coalition
Wed 10/11/17 6:30 Squirt Maj AA Weisbeck 7:00 BGIP 3 RYH
Wed 10/11/17 7:00 PW Maj AA Hemmerick 7:45 BGIP 1 RYH
Wed 10/11/17 8:00 Mid Maj 18U AAA Glantz 9:10 BGIP 2 Coalition
Wed 10/11/17 8:30 Mid Maj 18U AA MacKenzie 9:10 BGIP 4 RYH
Thu 10/12/17 6:00 PW Maj AA DeTomaso 6:30 VS Coalition
Thu 10/12/17 7:30 Mid Min 15U TB AAA Collins 8:00 VS Coalition
Mon 10/16/17 5:15 Squirt Minor AAA Parker 5:30 BGIP 1 Coalition
Mon 10/16/17 6:00 Squirt Major AA Pierandri 6:45 BGIP 1 Coalition
Mon 10/16/17 6:15 Squirt Major AAA Fennessey 6:45 BGIP 1 Coalition
Mon 10/16/17 6:55 PW Min AA Wescott 7:10 BGIP4 RYH
Mon 10/16/17 8:00 Mid Min 15U AA  Hinds 9:00 BGIP 1 RYH
Mon 10/16/17 8:15 Mid Min 16U AA Storrar 9:00 BGIP 3 Coalition
Mon 10/16/17 8:30 Mid Maj 18U AA Reinhardt 9:10 BGIP 2 Coalition
Tue 10/17/17 4:45 Ban Min AAA Blank 5:10 BGIP4 Coalition
Tue 10/17/17 5:45 PW Minor AA Waldo 6:30 BGIP1 Coalition
Tue 10/17/17 6:15 Ban Maj AA Smith 7:10 BGIP4 Coalition
Tue 10/17/17 7:15 Ban Maj AAA Hennessy 8:10 BGIP4 Coalition
Tue 10/17/17 7:45 Mid Min 15U AAA Sedia 8:30 BGIP1 Coalition
Thu 10/19/17 5:30 Ban Min AA Bolton 6:00 BGIP1 Coalition
Thu 10/26/17 7:30 Ban Maj AA Ashline 8:00 VS RYH
Mon 10/30/17 6:30 PW Major AAA McGrath 7:00 BGIP3 Coalition
Wed 11/8/17 4:30 Mite Red 2009 Flannery 5:10 BGIP2  
Wed 11/8/17 4:45 Mite White Garofalo 5:10 BGIP2 RYH
Wed 11/8/17 5:00 Mite Blue Johnson 5:30 BGIP1 RYH
Wed 11/8/17 5:15 Mite Blue Wescott 5:30 BGIP1 RYH
Wed 11/8/17 6:30 Squirt House Pouthier 7:00 BGIP3 RYH
Wed 11/8/17 6:45 PeeWee House Kempf 7:00 BGIP3 RYH
Wed 11/8/17 7:30 Bantam House D'Arcy 8:00 BGIP3 RYH
Wed 11/8/17 7:45 Midget House Smith 8:00 BGIP3 RYH
Thu 11/9/17 4:45 Peewee Minor  AAA- G Collins 5:00 BGIP3 Coalition
Reschedule   Mid Maj 18UAAA Glantz TBD TBD Coalition



by posted 10/06/2017
October Saves!

​Cameron McClenin, RYH Sqt Maj AA
Cameron's Fundraising Page

​Keegan Waldo, ROC PW Min AA
Keegan's Fundraising Page

If you are an RYH or ROC goalie participating in October Saves,
​please email our events coordinator to have your link added:

Interested in registering to participate?
​Please visit OCTOBERSAVES.COM to sign up!

Save Pucks to Save Lives!

by posted 09/22/2017
U6 Jamboree: Save The Date

by posted 09/04/2017
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