Tier 2 AA Travel Teams

Tier 2 AA Teams

Since its formation, the Rochester Coalition has become the area’s premier player development program.  The Coalition is a working relationship between Tier I Rochester Youth Hockey and the Tier II Rochester Grizzlies Hockey Associations.  With a strong working relationship with Evolve Hockey for team and individual player development, the Coalition will continue to advance our programs to the highest levels!

Tier 2 AA TeamsBirth YearCoachCoach Email
Squirt Minor AA2015Brook Leflerbrooklefler@hotmail.com
Squirt Major AA2014Jeremy Rowleyjerrowley@gmail.com
PW Minor AA2013Matt Lester
David Oakes
PW Minor AA2013Todd Krausstkrauss@ur.rochester.edu
TB PW Major AA2012Tom Wescotttom.wescott@getinge.com
PW Major AA2012Rob Gelbrobigelb@gmail.com
Bantam Minor AA2011TBD
TB Bantam Major AA2010Austin Szczesniakaustinjszczesniak@gmail.com
15U AA2009Colin MacKenziewebmaster@ryhockey.com
TB 16U AA2008Sean AdamSeanpatrickadam@yahoo.com
TB 18U AA07/06HC: David Waldo
AC: Rick Peeso
18U AA07/06Chris Fennesseycfennessey@gmail.com
18U AA07/06Dan DettmanDetts5@gmail.com